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I came across this book kind of accidentally, trying to find out as much as possible about the experiences of people who had spent some time in Mexico, who dared to begin a new life there. It’s because I am myself just before such a lifetime adventure.

A rational reader who keeps both feet on the ground, someone who doesn’t believe in any higher forces, could say that this is just a simple story, a tale that doesn’t have anything to do with real everyday life.

And yet, Dorota, as one of those familiar with the book The Secret, proves through the pages of With No Effort that it really works.

The book conveys some simple truths that we all know well, but don’t think about much. It seems that sometimes we need a little “sign” – a person or a book, as in this case, in order to stop for a moment and simply notice whether the direction we are heading is the right one, consistent with our desires.

We must believe in ourselves, get to know ourselves and – after any fall – simply get up and move on, remembering that we all have only one life to live. And life is so short that we should always fight for ourselves, never get lost in any dogmas or schemes created by the society, especially if we disagree with them. Blanka’s story, showing us in a way some real experiences of the Author, makes us realize that everything is possible in life, we all direct the course of our lives, receiving  advice from “the Universe”, sometimes in disguise of our own intuition.

I recommend this book to everyone – those who have found their right paths already, and those who are still searching.

by Judyta B.


I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and finished reading the book, even though I didn’t want it to end, to be honest… I have an impression that this book is about me, my explorations, my trip to Scotland… You have to read it, everyone will find a piece of themselves in it, and maybe will dare to dream

by Sylwia M.


While reading the book I had a chance to meet the author in person, who is at the same time the heroine of the story – an incredible experience. I will keep it short – a month after read the book, I set off on a journey myself… PS. No risk, no glory !!!

by Milena Bardyn


A well written story, an absolute page-turner. I recommend it to everyone!

by Ada


With No Effort… that’s exactly how I could describe the page turning of this book. It was easy and pleasant, with curiosity and interest; “Look and you shall find” – as they say…

by Magdalena Rymar


I’ve read With No Effort in 5 hours, just like I enjoyed reading about the adventures of J. Verne’s characters in the past. So many times, while reading, I tried to guess and figure out what was going to happen next… and I always failed. An extremely positive book, that should be compulsory reading for all the people who got stuck in a rut.

by Witold Sosnowski


This book describes the quintessence of happiness right to the point. With no force or pressure – like a dog chasing its own tail – without pushing at all costs … A fantastic book. Definitely an inspiration to go beyond “the comfort zone”, that so often limits our potential. A careful reader will notice a special kind of wisdom in it, which invites us to reflect upon one question: What does happiness mean to me? I truly recommend this book to all those who have the courage to deal with their own limitations.

Because the changes are for the bravest ones. Mrs Markowska – congratulations, hats off 🙂

by Grażyna Myczkowska


This book is an inspiration, a proof that we can and we should search for our own path, that miracles do happen, and that we should have hope and dreams !!!

by Magdalena T.


A journey to Mexico has always been my biggest dream. Especially living there, at least for a year, would be a dream come true. Thanks to Blanka, I can move to the most beautiful place in the world, which in my view is Mexico. This book is a wonderful signpost for all those who lost themselves  pursuing career or money and are afraid to face the future. Not paying any attention to consequences. Mexico has become a kind of shelter for Blanka, by protecting her with its wings and by showing her how to live. I am truly thankful for this story and for the lesson on how not to lose oneself.

by Paulina Czarnecka


Thank you for this book and all the emotions I experienced reading it.

by Ilona I.


I’ve just began reading it again, for yet another time!!! You can get addicted to this book. It made me cry from the very beginning, cause I had an impression that Blanka experienced exactly the same dilemmas as me. It’s amazing how a book can entirely change your outlook on life.

by Justyna Gnosowska


It reminded me of the “old me” that I lost somewhere on the way. It reminded me that it’s pointless to go through life following someone else’s path and not your own.  It reminded me that it’s worth  being determined and  doing things our own way. Love, listen, and  trust yourself.

I recommend it to all those brave enough to become finally happy…

by Angela M.


As the title suggests… You read this book in one sitting. It took me a whole night… but I don’t regret it… It’s my Bible… It gives me not only food for thought, but also inspiration to act. I recommend it to everyone!

by Agnes


Well  yes… I fell head over heels… this book gives you a real kick! Why attend countless psychological workshops – on work burnout, dealing with stress or shyness, on pursuing goals… There’s everything in this one book! It told me a lot about myself… While reading – I realised how much Blanka and I have in common – these thoughts, monologues, dilemmas, this typical kind of fear that you feel somewhere at a bus stop (I used to experience it myself too), I had an impression that this book is also about me… I have even been coping with severe thyroid problems for 6 years now. Just like the heroine.

The book can touch your soul in a variety of profound ways. I read it everywhere – at a bus stop, on a tram, on a bus, in a bathtub, I even got dressed using only one hand sometimes… I used bookmarks and highlighted my favourite thoughts… I learned a lot from this book… I look around and things seem different now. And I am preparing for a change! So as not to lose myself… Thank you for this wonderful book.

by Mariola K.


A nice book. Reading it makes you think whether it’s worth rushing through life. Some thoughts and passages reminded me of a psychological self-help book style (which slightly bothered me at times). Overall, I think it’s a super positive story. Not everyone has enough courage to leave everything behind and set off on a journey. The book gives you a positive kick; I underlined some quotes so that I can return to them whenever I need it. I recommend it.

by Jolanta Kołdys


In my opinion the book With No Effort shows us a wonderful path to our own “I”, the self. Many people don’t know where they are going, they keep losing their way many times before they finally succeed in finding their happiness, if they manage to do it at all.

I couldn’t put the book down and it took me only a short while to read it. It’s written in simple, yet clever language. It’s a real eye-opener, I think everyone should read it. In fact, it could be on a compulsory reading list at schools, so that more people would follow their dreams and their inner voice much sooner instead of taking the road that “should be taken”.

I’m happy that Blanka made it and everything turned out well. But that’s what usually happens when you do what you love…

by Joanna


An interesting book, full of good energy, and a pleasant-read. A nice, light story encouraging the reader to reflect upon their own life choices. For me, personally, at times the book unnecessarily aspires to become a guidebook on how to live. But it’s only my subjective viewpoint. Generally, I would recommend it…

And I also congratulate the Author on a successful debut.

by Angelika Piotrowska


This book simply reads well, With No Effort at all. There is no such thing as perfection, they say, and yet here we have a perfect title.

by Marcin Pabisiak


It took me one evening to read it… I couldn’t put the book down before I read the very last sentence… simply wonderful!

by Danuta Czogała


I’m still reading With No Effort. I decided to read it slowly, in several chunks, thoughtfully, and With No Effort. Today I reached page 61 and the last paragraph turned out to be a real “aha! ” moment! It made me understand a lot of things, even those that are not directly related to the passage, or the story itself. I’m familiar with the concepts of self-realization, self-improvement, law of attraction, etc. However, I must admit that With No Effort is the first “non-selfhelp-book” that I’ve read in the last 5-6 years, and it seems to have greater influence on me than all those self-improvement books together…

by Paulina Hernandez


I am a happy owner of my own copy of Palace of colours and WITH NO EFFORT, a book that I came across by chance (or maybe it was meant to be like that), which got into my hands, and which stayed in my head. It winds you up positively, and if you add the photos from the Palace of colours album to it – what an effect!

by Hanna Siąkajło


This real-life adventure, that for many years has been inspiring us to act, is finally easily accessible to everyone. It’s worth reading and believing that Blanka’s life doesn’t differ much from our own life. If only we dare to listen to ourselves, we will also find our own Mexico and our own way to happiness. Just like that… With No Effort.

by Agnieszka and Bartek


A book about an extraordinary adventure that can be recommended to everyone. A book or an adventure? – you may ask. Well, both! It’s a story around which incredible things happen all the time. The book’s editor (me), just like the Author herself, is experiencing her Mexican five minutes right now. How long will it last… I have no idea, but I can say it with full responsibility that it’s worth it! It’s worth reading this book and changing everything in your life. Just like that, overnight.

by Joanna Fabiszak


My compliments and congratulations. I am grateful to my friend Aniela for lending me this book. Although it seems we know so much about life, it turns out we in fact learn all the time. The story also gave me a lot of food for thought.

by Genia Sozańska


The book was so interesting and gripping that I couldn’t put it down that night. I haven’t read anything in a while, and lack of time was my favourite excuse. Blanka’s story made me realize how little time I usually spend on things that bring me joy and are truly important in life. For the first time in quite a long time I started to wonder if I’m also taking part in this terrible every day rush through life. The book inspires the reader to think, allowing for a moment of reflection over their own life. I think it can be a great turning point for a lot of people standing at a life’s crossroads… Congratulations on a successful debut. I truly recommend the book.

by Agnieszka Redzimska-Bencych


A quick-read with a message. Or – perhaps – a message hidden in a simple form? While reading, I was wondering how much of this life path is about creation and how much about Blanka’s real-life experiences? Fortunately, the Author answered my question by naming all the blind alleys on the heroine’s life journey. Now it’s time to use the clues and move on. Even through Mexico.

by MRK


A pleasant book and a quick-read. It emanates positive energy. It touches upon the dilemmas that have often been perceived in recent times – like running and spinning in an endless wheel of things to do, asking yourself if it’s possible to stop and get out. Blanka did stop.

Congratulations to the Lucky One!

by Aniunia


There are people who – just like the sun – exude positive energy, a kind of spiritual sparkle. Meetings, friendships that ignite in us flames of creativity, a spark of potential, which is to be found in every human. But they have to be awakened  to rekindle the fire of transformation.

This book is such a meeting, with such people, such friendship with the world that can open the door to the inner world of any reader and open their hidden potential.

by Maheshi


A bit like Eat, Pray, Love, but definitely far better and far more mature, despite the Author’s young age. A bit like The Secret, but all the described “miracles” are real, and the recipe for success is presented in a simple way here.

I’m sure that a lot of readers will come to a conclusion that not everyone can afford such a metaphorical “ticket to Mexico”. But it’s important to know that this ticket will mean something else to everyone, given one’s personal story.

A very interesting, though-provoking book, written in an exceptionally beautiful language, rich in vocabulary. I’m looking forward to a next novel written by Dorota 🙂

by Ania S.


The Author gives us some advice what to do in order not to lose ourselves in a pursuit of money or some makeshift happiness. The book is really gripping and unputdownable, I read it in one afternoon. I heartily recommend it.

by Agnieszka W.


Blanka found her own effective way to discover the following: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. ” C.G. Jung It reads well.

by Jacek N.


When you feel so overwhelmed that you can’t cope with life anymore, and when all the concepts that constituted your world now begin to fall apart, you are left with no choice – you have to change something. This is precisely what this book is all about.  It shows the reader how courage and the desire to find oneself can lead us through the winding paths of life, so that we can finally make our dreams come true. When I was turning the pages of the book, I had an impression that I could hear the Author whisper from in between the verses: “Trust yourself and experience the magic of life.” An incredible book with a maximum dose of positive energy.

by Kasia Nolik


It took me a few hours to read it. When I started, I couldn’t put the book down, and now that I have finished, I still have it in my mind. I think I will return to it many times. I’m impressed with Blanka’s courage and determination in her search for herself and her happiness. I’m impressed by the fact that she’s made it. The book’s heroine reminded me that our happiness depends solely on us. She also helped me restore the belief that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

by Anita M.


It was with great interest that I’ve been expecting the publication of With No Effort, the Author’s debut novel. To my great joy, it soon turned out that the book was worth the wait. With No Effort is not only a novel about Blanka’s adventures. It’s an invitation to make changes in your life, to make bold decisions – as life itself is nothing but an art of choosing. I’m full of admiration for the heroine, her courage, determination, perseverance, strong will, and the ability to trust her own intuition. She abandoned her old lifestyle in Poland in order to stay honest with herself, to live the truth, rather than illusion.

Accompanying Blanka in her search for the meaning of existence can make us realise that we have to know what to look for and we have to reject the thoughts that clutter our minds. Then it’s time to reach deep inside ourselves, and let the thoughts move smoothly (by giving in to the power of our minds). Stereotypes, prejudices, and habits are all limitations and barriers that block us.

We all want happiness, but we tend to forget that it actually depends on us. Blanka had the courage to risk, and thanks to that she found herself, she was able to change her way of thinking and she believed in her inner wisdom. With No Effort is a “signpost” for many people, who lose themselves somewhere in the pursuit of material goods or career, being at the same time disappointed, burned out and fearful about the future. It’s for the people who don’t live their lives to the fullest, but live only a life “substitute.” They lack the courage to break up with their old life.

But when we’re changing, also the world around us and the reality undergo changes. Therefore we should strive to get to know ourselves, not be afraid of making big life decisions, just like Blanka. Getting to know oneself can be a wonderful inner journey, to which the Author invites us. Accept the invitation, it’s worth it!

by Helena Jackowska


I’m impressed by this book. It reads quickly, making the reader curious about what will happen next in the heroine’s life. The book is magical and mysterious, yet real at the same time. I truly admire the Author’s talent, her knowledge and imagination. I experienced the related stories together with the heroine, as if sharing her fate. I was very curious how the story would end.

I recommend this book.

by Agata Smyk


The wealth of described feelings, flowery language, and interesting presentation of various situations are the main advantages of the book. In addition to these, the book is worth reading also because it has a potential to change our attitude to life.

by Antoni K.


Generally I don’t read books, because I don’t like it. I have read this one only because I was asked for an objective opinion about it. They didn’t pay me for it, and so I thought I could criticise the Author, whom I actually know well. First, simply because books bore me, and – second – because I never praise anything, but rather try to detect errors and shortcomings.

It was very hard for me to get accustomed to the thought that I was about to read 200 pages. I planned to do it in two weeks. Much to my surprise, however, I managed to read half of the book in just one afternoon. It was like swallowing it. The Author tells the story in such a clever way, that the reader becomes more and more curious about what will happen next with every time they flip another page. She shows us how – once a little, lost, red-haired girl, rejected by her friends – becomes a happy woman, simply because she was able to create a positive, new version of herself. Despite the fact that at some point she ended up lonely and with no money in this big city of Mexico, she was able to create her own world there; a different world, because this time a happy one. The book also contains many thoughts of wisdom on life in general and on shaping one’s own personality. I recommend it to everyone, especially all those people who are currently standing at a crossroads, wondering what to do with their lives. I recommend it to business people, especially women, who lost a “piece of themselves” somewhere in their pursuit of money. Reading this book somehow brings us closer to the path of success – not the kind of success that we know – but a success which means living in harmony with nature and especially with ourselves. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

by Beata Klepacka


A combination of an incredible life-story with a description of a spiritual transformation. The book won’t let you put it down. I’m sure it will influence the lives of many readers. I recommend it.

by Pawel M.

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