Many readers wonder whether the story described in the book is true or not. Well, the answer is “Yes” – the novel is based on the Author’s biography. Below you will find some original photos of Blanka (Dorota), all taken during her seven-year adventure in Mexico:


Working in Mexico

   […] I felt like I was about to burst out crying. I wiped a big tear with a swift move of my hand. This not the time for mourning.
   How about trying … modelling? I straightened up and laughed at the crazy idea that had just crossed my mind. […]

  […] As the only redheaded model I often worked for L’Oreal and Wella at their incredibly colourful fashion shows. I always used to have a different shade of ginger or red, recently even a tinge of chocolate. […]

   […]“We’ll take one more picture,” said the photographer. “Imagine you’re holding a large four-leaf clover in your right hand. Do not smile, be mysterious but at the same time exude inner happiness and peace.”

   I had no idea what the purpose of this picture was or how much I was working for. But this lack of information wasn’t surprising, after all I was still in Mexico. A few days later, it turned out it would be the Palace’s new campaign.

   Well, I have achieved everything as a model, I thought, looking at the giant advertisement. Nothing will beat this job. […]

   […] I stood near the intersection. From billboard up high in front of me, a girl watched me intently from a black and white photo. The only element of colour was the disproportionately large, four-leaf clover she held in her hand. Underneath, there was a short slogan promoting a new Irish clothing brand at an exclusive department store: “An Irish girls has arrived at the Iron Palace.” […]

  […] “And you know what, I think it’s great you sent us your own pictures, because thanks to this we realized Shiseido is going to have a stylist and a model in one,” she started laughing. “But don’t get excited, you won’t be getting a double salary,” she added. […]

  […] “Shave my head,” I said shortly after saying our hellos.

   “Are you crazy?”

   “No. This is the end of modelling. I decided once that when I made the decision to quit this work, I would cut myself off from it by cutting my hair. With one cut. I will not wait for the phone that slowly stops ringing. I will leave like a queen, not like a dinosaur,” I replied, laughing.

   “Are you absolutely sure?”

   “Yes,” I replied. “I am sure.” […]

   […] My inner space has changed, and with it the Blanka I knew and the one others knew also had to change. I wanted to know my face. With no frills and hair to hide in. […]

Mexico City

Coyacan District

The Centre – Zocalo

The Centre – Zocalo

Polanco District

Coyacan District

The Centre – Zocalo

The Centre – Zocalo

Satna Fe




The house described in the novel

   […] The house that I had found charmed me. It wasn’t even a house. My new place reminded me of a tower and that’s what I started calling it. The ground floor and two upper floors formed one apartment. Every floor was kind of a room in itself, not too big but big enough to create a nice atmosphere. Downstairs there was a small living room and small kitchen, the first floor had a room with a small bathroom and there was a bedroom on the top floor. It reminded me a little of the home of a princess who was waiting for her prince in a tall tower. […]

Ground floor – mini-kitchen and mini-living room

1st floor – a room with a mini-bathroom

1st floor – a room with a mini-bathroom

2nd floor – bedroom


   […] I watched how his golden fur moved, waving with his every move. Feliz meant happiness, he was just that.

”Golden retrievers are very strong dogs. They can last without food or drink for a long time, but they cannot live without love,” the veterinarian had said two years ago on our first visit, seeing the small, clumsy, golden puppy. […]

   […] Feliz was frequently left on his own. But I often left the backyard door open for him so that he wouldn’t feel so lonely. Tequila and a grey cat, who pretended to be very independent, usually walked all over the backyard that we shared with the owners. Tequila was a small, black dog. Feliz often would share his playpen with Tequila and would even let her eat from his bowl. He kept his distance from the cat and the cat did the same. They respected each other’s mutual space and neither ever crossed the other’s path. […]

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