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Dorota Kosciukiewicz-Markowska

    An economist, not working in her field. Having graduated from the university, she devoted several years of her career to an advertising company which she set up herself. It was at that time that she learnt from her own experience that money doesn’t bring happiness, and that climbing a career ladder is actually like taking a road to nowhere. At the age of 28, with a total aversion to the world on many different levels, she decides to leave everything behind and set off on a magical journey to Mexico, despite the fact that many would describe her decision as “suicidal”. As a consequence, she finally finds what she has been so desperately looking for – herself. She also notices that this “self” is a changeable creature, impossible to label with any fixed descriptions, but one that always fits within the present reality. Finally, the journey allows her to realise that the reality itself also isn’t a predetermined creation, but depends on our standpoint, observation, awareness, and attitude. Just like constructions made of Lego bricks change their shape –  so do new views on life change and uncover before us like various scripts written by the hand of one author.

     In Mexico the Author of the book finally finds what brings her joy and what has always been her passion. From this very moment make-up and photography productions become her new, creative profession. She works for well-known Mexican magazines as well as TV channels. She’s the art director of Clara Magazine and main makeup artist of the luxurious brand Shiseido. Her Mexican adventure lasts 7 years and it ends as quickly as it began. It is love that finally motivates her to come back to Szczecin – a city that she once associated only with bad weather and constant complaints. During her first couple of years in Poland she is busy looking for her own place in the world. With her newlywed husband, she travels to the furthest corners of the world, only to realise that her home is nowhere else but… in Szczecin. This greyish city finally begins to reveal its other colours. Something that has previously been so casual and ordinary suddenly becomes unusual – as if someone has used a magic wand. The Author says: “If something is too close to the eyes, we cannot see it for what it truly is. Only a certain distance makes some things become apparent. ”

     The Author, Dorota Kościukiewicz-Markowska describes herself this way: “I’m only a human. At first I wanted to write a Human with a capital H, but this is not the right time yet. However, I truly hope that our children will use the term with great pride, with capital H. Until then, I’m just a human, observing and witnessing the amazing changes in our consciousness. I am happy that I can do what I love, which is write, paint and take colourful photos. I left behind the past of an aggressive businesswoman pursuing her career. Not that there is anything wrong with being a businesswoman – I simply realised it was not for me. I’m glad I understood it so quickly when I was looking for myself; whatever being myselfreally means. For me today it’s a synonym of a happy mother, a happy wife, a happy child, a happy sister, a happy friend – and for that I am immensely grateful to the Almighty.

     In 2012 Dorota published her second book – an extraordinary, luxurious make-up album entitled Palace of colours. The magic of make-up, which constitutes a quintessence of several years of her professional career. For more information about the album, please visit www.palaceofcolours.com.

     The last three years opened yet a new stage in the Author’s life. Her growing interest in self-development and the mysteries of human mind resulted in taking up studies in cognitive neuroscience. A year later she set up a “School of Happiness” in Szczecin, where she teaches meditation, mindfulness and the art of a happy life. In July 2015 she graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and can now call herself a Specialist in Positive Psychology. Apart from being a teacher and a lecturer, she still continues to devote herself to her passion, which is writing. A new book is on its way, and it seems like the best is yet to come…

Dorota Kosciukiewicz-Markowska

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