About the book

   With No Effort is a novel about the search for meaning in a world of existential void. Not only incredible, but also a true story, leads the main character, Blanka, through the streets of Mexico City, asking her to deal with unfamiliar reality, foreign language, and lack of money. By abandoning her orderly life of a young businesswoman, our heroine sets off into the unknown, taking us on an inner journey in search for depths of existence. Over seven years, a series of incredible coincidences make her change her perception of reality. Does happiness really exist? Is it available only for certain people, or, perhaps, we don’t have to look far to find it?

   A strong determination to accomplish her goal will not only lead her to the top of Moon Pyramid, but will also let her pursue her wildest dreams. However, that’s not all… Will Blanka finally find what she’s been looking for so desperately? Where will this incredible story end? And – finally – is it possible to live and be happy, just like that… With No Effort?

   With No Effort is a reflective, thought-provoking book, suitable for a reader of any age, regardless of their life situation. This pleasant-read touches the deepest layers of human existence. Blanka’s journey to a different and unknown country reveals before us yet another type of journey – a spiritual, esoteric, and a mystic one. A journey which ultimately gives us an answer to the important question: “Who am I and where am I going to?”.

   Especially the words put in the mouths of two shamans – Don Eduardo and Donia Dulce draw our attention to the madness of this world; showing us at the same time a world of spirituality, causality and the magic of creation. “And who is the magician?” – one may ask. The answer is “We all are. Whether we like it or not.” It is we who create our own reality. We can set ourselves free from all the bonds of attachment, because life is limitless, just like the space that surrounds us. All that is needed is a little awareness, courage, and the pursuit of what is known as our undeniable essence – an infinite creator, weaving his own life, either consciously or not. That’s what this book is all about.

   I truly hope it will inspire many people to begin the search for their own inner wizard, hidden deep inside. Every moment is good to start changes. Why not begin right now? – Dorota Kościukiewicz-Markowska

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